How to enter the facility?
Anyone interested in referring a patient or entering a relative should contact our office by calling 809.685.2095 from Dominican Republic, or 787.765.7010 for US and Puerto Rico. As well as sending an email to: All information will be handled professionally and confidentially.

Duration of treatment
Patients in the center will each have a treatment designed and customized to their needs. The duration will depend on patient history and evaluation results. Treatments and stays usually last at least three months.

What should patients bring with them when hospitalized?
The admission staff will inform the family of objects allowed in the center and also suggest what types of clothing should be used.

Cost of treatment
The center specializes in personalized treatments. The cost will depend on the medications administered and the specific needs of each patient. The cost of treatment includes accommodation (private or semi-private), a balanced diet, 24 hour supervision by nurses, laundry services, medication, recreation, and group therapy.

At the moment we only accept checks or wire transfers.