The Dr. Baquero Center is a psychiatric rehabilitation hospital designed specially for long stay patients. It was founded in 1983 by Dr. Wilfredo Baquero Alvarez, psychiatrist of great experience in his medical area. He studied Medicine at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (1961-1968) and Mastered in the area of psychiatry in the United States.

During his stay in the United States, he completed his first year as a resident at Emory University/Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia (1971-1972). His second and third years of residence where completed at the University Of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital (1972-1974). He was later director of psychiatry in the Community Health Institute (1974-1975), Grant Center Hospital (1976-1977), and the Miami Mental Health Center (1978-1979). He belonged to the prestigious medical societies: American Medical Association, Florida Medical Association, Dade Country Medical Association, American Psychiatry Association, and the Dominican Medical Association. Today The Dr. Baquero Center is known for its care and professionalism, and is listed as one of the best mental health facilites in the entire region of Central America and the Caribbean.

All patients who desire to enter the program will be evaluated by our professionals who will design an individual program for his/her problems and needs. Intensive psychiatric treatment may be required when there are the following problems:

• Addiction

• Severe behavioral disorders that threaten the lives of themselves and others

• Inability to keep the individual integrated as part of society

• Tendency to run away from home

• Unusual behavior such as excessive suspicion hallucinations